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Australia day sales is traditionally a long weekend of retail and wholesale sales during the celebration of Australia Day. It is a summer sale where retailers traditionally reduce prices on items to finish the summer season. The sale may also extend thru the week depending upon which day the Australia day holiday falls upon. It's certainly a good time for savvy shoppers to potentially pick up a bargain. Australia Day Specials galore!   Australia Day Sales

  • Melbourne - Retail - Mattresses Direct to Public - Caravan Mattress Sale
  • Melbourne - Retail - Lite Tow Trailers - Back to Work Plant Trailer Sale
  • Melbourne - Retail - Autograph Ball - Summer Golf Ball Pack Sale

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In Australia, the summer sales in the new year offer opportunities to pick up items that may have a manufacture date from the previous year. For certain brand new products this "year old" label can provide the opportunity for negotiation on price. Items like cars and motorbikes are very much in this category. But white goods too. Don't be afraid to ask the manufacture date. A year older product can command a substantial discount

To help, has listings of various services and products that may have reductions for Australia Day Sales.

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